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How to Deep Clean a Bathroom

(like the pro's)

Professional cleaners know there is an order to cleaning a room that helps them be more efficient as well as effective.  If you follow these techniques you can shave a lot of time off your cleaning project and do a better job of it. 

1. Gather your cleaning supplies.  We recommend a few essentials:

Bathroom cleaner 
Non-scratch sponge
Pumice stone (for the sink and toilet if porcelain)
Glass spray 
Rags for glass cleaning
Microfiber cloths/duster 
Rubber gloves 
Toilet brush

2. Remove the clutter. Whether it's creating, cooking, or cleaning, it's always a good idea when beginning a project to get all the extra stuff out of the way.  If you're deep cleaning your bathroom this would mean removing all the stuff from around the sink, taking everything out of the shower, and emptying the laundry hamper.  Remove the bath mats.  Most can be cleaned in the washing machine on the cold cycle and hung up to dry.  

3. Dust and sweep.  It’s much easier to clean the rest of your bathroom without having to combat all the little hairs and dust bunnies that get stuck to your rag and sponge. Start at the tallest surfaces and work your way down.  Remove cobwebs in corners, light fixtures, and vents using a duster with a long handle.  Sweep and vacuum the floor once you’ve dusted everywhere else.   

4. Shower/bathtub/toilet: spray with bathroom cleaner and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.  Work in other areas while you wait.

5. Other surfaces: spray cleaner on a microfiber cloth and wipe down towel rack, shelves, baseboards, doors, windowsills, etc. 

6.  Shower/bathtub: scrub your shower or bath with a non-scratch sponge to remove the dirt and scummy buildup. At this point, the cleaner should have done much of the work so you shouldn’t have to scrub too hard. Make sure to get the shower track, inside the shower door, and around the hardware.  Use a glass cleaner to clean the shower door (if you have one) or put your shower curtain in the laundry for a gentle wash.  

7.  Toilet:  Scrub toilet with a toilet brush to remove buildup.  If your toilet needs a deeper clean, grab your rubber gloves and a pumice stone to get what your toilet brush can’t handle.  Spray the outside of the toilet with your cleaner and wipe with a clean cloth.  Do not use this cloth to clean anything else in the bathroom. 

8.  Vanity/sink:  This area should be cleaned second to last in case you need to use the sink while you are cleaning the other areas of the bathroom.  Spray your cleaner on the sink, faucets, and countertops and wipe with a clean cloth.  Use a glass cleaner on the mirror.  

9.  Mop the floor

10. Replace the clutter ;) Once your floor is dry you can bring back all the items you removed, wiping them off as needed.  

You’re done. Good job! Kick back and enjoy your freshly cleaned bathroom! Maybe light a candle and have a soak in the tub.