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Are you frustrated by the appearance of your home or office?  Let our cleaning services provide the relief you need.  When you fill out our contact form we will respond promptly to get you on our schedule, give you an estimate or answer your questions.   
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Professional Cleaning Services

If you live in Bozeman, Livingston or the surrounding area and are searching for a company that will treat your home with the care it deserves, look no further.  

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
If your carpets have spots or stains, and still look dirty even after you vacuum, it may be time for them to be professionally cleaned.  With top-of-the-line equipment, a passion for excellence, and over 15 years of experience, Doctor Clean can help restore the beauty of your carpets and create a more healthy environment for you and your family.  

Window Washing
Window Washing
Having clean windows make such a difference to the look of any room, letting in more light, and creating the feeling of more space. If you live in Bozeman or Livingston, Doctor Clean’s window cleaning service can help make your home or business shine. 

Upholstery Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
When you finally get to curl up in your favorite chair after a long day, the last thing you want to see are stains, pet hair, and crumbs while you’re trying to relax.  Having your furniture cleaned will help you feel like you can fully unwind at the end of the day.  

Oriental Rug Cleaning
Oriental Rug Cleaning
Are you creating the mood you want in your home?  Are your decorative rugs telling your design story?  When your rugs are dirty they can't fulfill their purpose, which is to make your home beautiful.  Our textile technician is a certified master cleaner and can clean your oriental and woven rugs so they stand out the way they’re meant to. 

Tile, Stone and Grout Cleaning
Tile, Stone and Grout Cleaning
Walk across the floor in your bare feet.  How does it feel?  Is it a bit sticky? A bit gritty?  Look down.  Are there stains and spills that have settled in the grout?  Doctor Clean specializes in removing unsightly discoloration and debris from tile, stone, and grout in any room of your home.  Done once or twice a year, this service can help ensure that your floors do not become permanently discolored.  
Wood Floor Care
Wood Floor Care
The goal of our wood floor cleaning and preserving is to clean, protect, and prolong the life of the original wood finish so that the customer never has to undergo the costly, messy process of sanding and refinishing the wood floor.
Chandelier and Light Fixture Cleaning
Chandelier and Light Fixture Cleaning
Doctor Clean is proud to say that we specialize in cleaning your delicate and hard-to-reach light fixtures, chandeliers, ceiling fans, high beams, mounts, trophies, and any other items that remain out of reach. Bring any statement piece in your home back to life, with our professional cleaning. 
Other Services
Other Services
Do not hesitate to call with any specific and personalized cleaning inquiries. Doctor Clean also specializes in a variety of other cleaning services.

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Thanks so much for the great job on the windows. Emigrant Peak has never looked better.

Doctor Clean Customer Portfolio

We Love Doctor Clean
We are proud to show off the residences our team has taken the care to service. Browse our portfolio to see our work and take a look at our testimonials throughout the site to hear their satisfaction for yourself.
Gallatin Valley Chalet
Gallatin Valley Chalet
We provided quality window cleaning service before a family wedding.
Beautiful Home in McLeod
Beautiful Home in McLeod
We are hired by the caretakers of this property to come before the owners arrive and provide full cleaning services for this beautiful home right outside Park County.
Paradise Valley Ranch
Paradise Valley Ranch
We have provided local cleaning services for this home for 15 years.

Questions About Anything?

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Jim and Mike, thank you for doing a great job on my windows!
Anne A.


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We are looking for a new team member

January 10, 2023
Love being outdoors?
Like working in different locations and beautiful homes?
Enjoy having a flexible schedule?
Want to work with a bright, positive, enthusiastic team?
This may be just what you are looking for!

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Thank you for clean windows and reliable service.


Frequently Asked Questions
If you can't find your answer here please Contact Us.

Why choose Doctor Clean?

Doctor Clean is Bozeman and Livingston's local cleaning expert. We believe in providing exceptional carpet cleaning and window washing services, prompt communication, and cultivating lasting relationships with our clients.  Check out our Google Reviews to see what customers are saying about us.

Does Doctor Clean come to my area?

Doctor Clean's service area is aproximately a 30 mile radius from Livingston and Bozeman respectively.  We will travel outside that area for an additional charge.  The communities we commonly work in are Livingston MT, Emigrant MT, Pray MT, Clyde Park MT, Willsal MT, Big Timber MT, Bozeman MT, Belgrade MT, Gallatin Gateway MT, Three Forks MT, and Manhattan MT.  

How much does it cost for home cleaning services?

Doctor Clean understands that each home is unique and has its own cleaning needs. If you fill out our Contact Us form with the details of how we can clean your home, we are more than happy to provide you with a prompt estimate.

Does Doctor Clean guarantee their cleaning services?

Doctor Clean guarantees that all of our cleaning is to the highest industry standards, done meticulously, and with the greatest attention to detail.  If you are not happy, we will do our best to make it right.  Check out our Google Reviews to read about the high quality of our cleaning services.  

How long will it take for my carpets to dry after cleaning?

Carpets are dry enough to walk on within 30 minutes and completely dry in around 4-6 hours.

Do you move furniture when you clean carpets?

We will move the furniture or clean around it depending on your preference.  When we move furniture we put it back with plastic or foam blocks under each leg to allow the carpet to dry underneath.  You can remove the plastic or blocks once the carpet is dry.  

Can you get pet stains out of carpet?

While we do not guarantee results from pet odor removal, we use the best tools and techniques to tackle any pet odor problems that we encounter and have a high success rate. We use a product that contains bacteria specifically designed to eat the uric salts left behind when urine dries in carpeting. The salt is what causes the odor issues.

Does Doctor Clean use chemicals when carpet cleaning?

Doctor Clean uses cleaning agents of various types. Most are made from plant-based soaps and oils. Some carpet cleaning products to remove paint are solvent-based, and we always check with the client before using them in their homes.  

Can you clean both the inside and outside of windows?

Our most thorough cleaning is what we usually recommend where we clean inside and outside of the windows including the screens and the sills. We can also clean just the inside or outside upon request. Cleaning windows outdoors is weather dependent, but feel free to contact us in advance to schedule an estimate or appointment.

Can you remove paint from windows?

Yes, Doctor Clean can remove paint from windows. We have a variety of techniques to remove paint, stain, silicone, hard water, etc., from your windows.

How much does it cost to clean an area rug?

The cost to clean any type of rug wll vary by size, style, type of material and soil level. Please Contact Doctor Clean for an estimate for your rug today. 

Can you clean my area rug at my home or does it have to be cleaned offsite?

All Persian wool or silk rugs are cleaned at Doctor Clean's shop due to the delicate nature of the fiber type and the dye used. We pick them up, take them to our shop, vacuum them on all sides, apply a color stabilization process, clean the rug, dry the rug, hang the rug to prevent it from shrinking or hour-glassing, package the rug, and return it to your home.
Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks from start to finish.  

What qualifies Doctor Clean to be able to clean oriental rugs?

Our oriental rug cleaning technician is certified by the IICRC for cleaning Oriental or Persian rugs. (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification)

How do you clean scratched and damaged flooring?

On wood floors our goal is to clean, protect and prolong the life of the original wood finish.  We start with a thorough vacuuming, then wash the floors and apply a polish that renews the shine, protects against wear and fills in micro scratches. 

For tile floors, we do not recommend deep cleaning when the grout is damaged, as the suction from our machines can weaken and further damaged it.

Can you clean my floor if there's a sealant on it?

Unfortunately, if there is a sealant on your floor, Doctor Clean is unable to clean it.

Can you clean stains in vinyl flooring?

Most stains in vinyl flooring are below the surface and therefore permanent. Anything on the surface of vinyl can be cleaned.

Do you charge to come and give an estimate?

Estimates are free if you reside in our regular service area and most estimates can be given by phone or email.  What we need for carpet and upholstery cleaning are descriptions of the rooms or peices of furniture to be cleaned.  For windows we ask that you email us pictures of the outside of your house.  If you would like an estimate you can start the process by filling out our Contact Us form.  We will get back with you promptly.  

How long does it take to get a house cleaning estimate?

Generally speaking, you will receive the estimate that evening, or following business day via email. If you don’t hear from us in a timely fashion, please check your spam folder or Contact Us through the website. 

How will I be able to identify your company when you arrive?

We have signage on all of our vehicles, we call before arriving, we wear uniforms and our pictures are on our website under the About Us section.  We are a small business, so the number of workers on any given job will vary depending on the scope of the job, the service requested, and the location.  It will generally be one to three cleaning technicians.  

Do you require payment at the time the work is done?

We require payment within 30 days of the work being completed. If we do not receive payment within that time we reserve the right to add a finance charge to your invoice.  We will send you a link via email to pay your bill with a credit card, check, or debit card, or you can pay us while we're there. We take all major credit cards. If you don't receive the email with the payment link please check your spam folder.

Jim and Mike, thank you for doing such an awesome job! It’s the best money I spend all year, bar none!

About Us

Meet the Doctors Behind Doctor Clean
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Your Home's Most Thorough Cleaning!
Doctor Clean is a second generation professional Paradise Valley and Gallatin County cleaning business based in Bozeman and Livingston, Montana. A family company since 1983, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality and most thorough professional in home cleaning services in Southwest Montana.

What James Healy started as a humble carpet and window cleaning business flourished into a full-service company specializing in large, residential homes with specialty needs. His son Mike joined the business in 1996 and they build on Doctor Clean’s expertise through ongoing education in the cleaning industry, staying up-to-date on the latest technology and techniques and earning Mike the title of Master Textile Cleaner. We have extensive experience in upholstery, window, carpet, persian rug, and tile cleaning.  Feel free to contact us with any of your cleaning needs.  We are here to help you.

company pic
Meet the Doctor Clean Team! 

We believe that establishing a personal relationship with each of our clients is essential to understanding their individual needs and providing the most thorough hands-on services. We want you to have the cleanest, healthiest home possible. We love to work for our clients again and again, and most are so satisfied with our work, they refer us to their friends and family. All jobs are catered to the specific needs of our customers and appointments can be scheduled by filling out the contact us form on this site.  We service Bozeman, Livingston, Paradise Valley and surrounding areas.

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Love being outdoors?
Like working in different locations and beautiful homes?
Enjoy having a flexible schedule?
Want to work with a bright, positive, enthusiastic team?
This may be just what you are looking for!

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