Wood Floor Care

Bozeman and Livingston Wood Floor Care
Application of Polish
Application of Polish
Bozeman and Livingston Wood Floor Care
The goal of our wood floor cleaning and preserving is to clean, protect, and prolong the life of the original wood finish. Starting with a thorough vacuuming, we clean the floor to remove all soils and oils. We then apply a Hardwood floor polish that renews shine, protects against wear and fills in micro scratches.  This is not a refinishing system, this is designed to ad to the protective coating thus extending it’s life.  If done periodically (depending on use), before extensive damage is done to the finish, this will extend the life of the original finish.

Our wood floor cleaning and preserving process includes:
  • Inspection of all flooring to be cleaned for any damage, gaps or heavy scratches that may not be corrected by our protective coating.
  • Testing for wax or enhancers that may affect our ability to clean the floor correctly.
  • Vacuum of flooring, edges and baseboards.
  • Protect any surfaces that may may be adversely affected during the cleaning  process.
  • Apply our wood floor cleaner to remove all soils and oils, and contaminates. 
  • Allow to dry completely
  • Apply a light coat of polish to fill in micro scratches finish to give the flooring a renewed, clean appearance, and a renewed shine.
  • Floors can be walked on in 1 hour and heavy traffic is allowed 24 hours after treatment.

Anderson School is very thankful for your outstanding service and workmanship. Many positive comments were made regarding the crystal clear view we had looking out of our clean windows. Thank you very much for taking on this task with short notice. We are grateful!
Jeff B.