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5 Reasons to Keep Your Home/Office Clean

clean for health
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Keeping your space clean can be an important part of maintaining your health.

We have a sense that we should keep our home or office space clean.  We feel better when the spaces we live and work in are not dirty. But have you ever wondered why?  Here are 5 health benefits to keeping a clean home or work space.  

1. Accumulation of dirt and dust that hold bacteria and allergens can cause an increase susceptibility to illness.  Dust is a common cause for coughs, asthma attacks, breathing and respiratory problems.  Regularly dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning your floors and horizontal surfaces can help cut down on this bacterial load in your home.  This is especially important during cold and flu season when we are all striving to stay healthy.  

2. A dirty home or office can cause feelings of stress and anxiety.  A disorganized space that is full of clutter and debris can lead to a feeling of mental disorganization and lack of focus.  Not feeling in control of our environment, in this case our physical space, can lead to anxiety in other areas of our lives.  Keeping your space clean and free of clutter can promote a sense of calm and clarity that can help to promote a more positive outlook.    

3. A clean house can help you be more active.  Not only does cleaning get you up and moving around, but living in a clean, organized environment can help combat feelings of apathy and lethargy.  

4. A dirty, cluttered home can cause you to be less productive.  All the extra stuff hanging around the house causes distractions and lack of focus.  Being productive and getting your to-do list done requires paying attention to what you are doing and not hopping from task to task, which is much easier without the distractions of clutter.  

5. You may sleep better if your bedroom is clean.  When your bedroom is clean, quiet and organized it is easier for your brain to turn off racing thoughts and last minute to do’s that can keep us awake and diminish our quality of sleep. Additionally, washing your bedding and sheets, vacuuming regularly and having your carpets cleaned can reduce the presence of dust mites that can trigger allergies.  

It is important to maintain our physical, mental, and emotional health, especially during times of increased stress.  Keeping a clean home and work environment can be a critical part of this self care.    
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