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5 Tips For Home Cleaning Challenges

A little help for brightening your home!
Doctor Clean

Try these solutions before calling in the pros!

1. We've all seen that pesky circle inside our toilet bowls from time to time.  This usually is minerals adhering to the side of the porcelain bowl.  As the water evaporates, it leaves minerals such as calcium and magnesium behind, and these guys sure like to stick to stuff.
To remove this circle, all you need is some gloves and a pumice stone (found in the cleaning section in most grocery stores).  Make sure to keep the pumice stone thoroughly wet, so it can't damage the porcelain, and scrub away that mineral deposit.  The stone will disintegrate a little while you are using it and that is perfectly okay.  Just flush it on down the bowl.

2. If you have water like mine, you also may get a generous helping of minerals building up on your shower head.  Possibly causing your streams of water to shoot all over the place?  When this happens to me, I just pull the shower head down (I have one that you can move all around) and place it face down in a bowl of vinegar and water mixed 50/50.  Make sure that the entire face is submerged, let it sit for 8 hours, then scrub that stuff right off.  It works like a charm!

3. Oil buildup on your vent hood and filter over your stove can sometimes be a real pain to remove.  I use Citrus oil mixed with hot water to dissolve this pesky buildup.  If you have a sprayer, simply mist it on and let it sit (dwell) for a few seconds, then wipe it off with a damp cotton towel.  Using hot water of course.  If you lack a sprayer, simply apply it by saturating a towel or sponge.  The only time I will use something different is if the vent hood is stainless steel.  For that I use a can of stainless steel cleaner- spray way- brand.  Just use it in the same way as the degreaser and it works great!  The only pro tip I have is to wipe with the  "grain" if you are using it on brushed stainless, which is the majority of stainless steel these days.

4. One of the most difficult places to keep free of water spots is your glass shower doors.  When you see light water spots, simply take super fine steel wool- This Must Be Super Fine 0000 or it has the potential to scratch your glass!- get it wet, keep it damp, and rub in a circular fashion until the spots are removed.  Wipe with a cotton towel and you are good to go.  If you have spots that resist this treatment you may need to try a hard water remover as well.  The Only one we recommend for a homeowner is "bioclean hard water remover".  It acts like a polishing compound and does not have a significant risk of scratching your glass that some others do.  No matter what, just make sure to follow the directions on the bottle and you should see great results.

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