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Clear and Timely Communication

August 19, 2021
Are you trying to hire someone to clean your carpets or windows? Are you waiting for someone to get back to you?  When you work with Doctor Clean you never have to worry if we will call you back.  
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You Can Keep Your Windows Sparkling

July 9, 2021
You can do a lot to keep your windows looking great between professional cleanings. 
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Doctor Clean Covid Policy Update June 2021

June 10, 2021
Doctor Clean Team
Keeping up with our community's needs requires flexibility and adaptability.  We are changing our covid policy to reflect the current trend in mask requirements.  
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3 Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

June 5, 2021
Lemon Tree
Essential oils have been used by people to clean and disinfect their environment for ages.  Lemon oil is an effective, affordable oil that can be used for many household cleaning tasks. 
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5 Tips For Home Cleaning Challenges

January 26, 2021
cat on a ladder
In this blog, I just wanted to address some of the most difficult cleaning problems that we see homeowners struggle with and give you our tips for cleaning these up. (Other than how to get a cat off of a ladder!)
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