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5 Tips For Home Cleaning Challenges

January 26, 2021
cat on a ladder
In this blog, I just wanted to address some of the most difficult cleaning problems that we see homeowners struggle with and give you our tips for cleaning these up. (Other than how to get a cat off of a ladder!)
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5 ways you can protect a Persian Rug.

January 6, 2021
Persian rug
5 Things to do to protect and maintain your Persian heirloom rugs.
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Cleaning up after a smoky summer!

September 26, 2020
smoky sun
It's important to clean your carpets after such a smoky summer for many reasons.  Primarily to remove all of the oils and soils that are now contaminating your carpets and make them clean and hygienic for winter time when you will be spending much more time indoors.  
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A word about hard water

August 22, 2020
glass heart
Here is a little information about hard water build up on glass surfaces.  How it is made, what you can do to prevent it, and how you can attempt to fix it.
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Excellence in Window Cleaning

July 31, 2020
windows 1
Some may think that all window cleaners are the same and therefore search for someone to clean them with only price in mind.  Allow me to tell you about what makes our services the most thorough in the industry:  Our window cleaning service includes a five-step process.
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