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A Word About Hard Water

And how it can affect your windows
our team

Let's talk hard water...

Hard water contamination of glass generally occurs when glass has had repeated exposure to water that is carrying a mineral load of some kind.  Minerals dissolve in water, go into solution, and are carried along inside the water on a molecular level.  This usually is the case when non-filtered/softened water is being applied to the glass surface.  It’s what causes that unsightly haze on the glass whenever it is subjected to repeated exposure to the water.  Unfortunately glass is in a semi-solid state, so the mineralization can and will penetrate the surface of the glass and become a somewhat permanent discoloration.  This happens more rapidly when the glass is hot, and the molecules are excited and moving rapidly.

The best way to deal with hard water discoloration is prevention- “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is really applicable to hard water contamination.  So, as soon as you notice water hitting that lower window on your house, fix that sprinkler head, turn off that sprinkler when the wind starts blowing in, make sure that spigot is all the way off, or clean out that leaking gutter ASAP!  Preventing hard water build up and contamination is really the best way to go.

If you already have hard water build up on some of your windows, you have some options.  The easiest home remedy is to use vinegar.  Simply apply it with a cloth and see if that can remove the unsightly build up.  I’ve talked to clients that have used lime away or similar products on glass, however I do not recommend using these- I have seen them discolor the glass.  If the vinegar step does not work, I recommend that you call us, we have professional treatments to remove that hard water contamination.  We even have one that uses diamond dust in a polishing compound!  We do not use acids or anything that could damage your home, hurt your kids or pets, or even damage your plant life.  We guarantee that our hard water removal treatments won’t hurt anything, so you don’t have to worry about that!

Get out there and prevent water from hitting your windows, and if that doesn’t work completely, give us a try.  We are always happy to help!
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