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Supporting The Local Economy


Local can cost more, but usually is better quality.

First of all, thank you so very much to all of our clients.  Thank you for supporting a small, family owned business that is dedicated to providing the highest caliber of cleaning in all of our services.  We really appreciate the support.
In these trying times we need to support our local supply chain for goods and services.  While this is not always possible, there may be more available than you think.  But sometimes you have to look a little for them.  I think we all understand that keeping dollars local (i.e. spending your money on goods or services that employ people that are from your area) is a good thing.  These dollars pay the salary of someone in your community, then they take that dollar and can spend that in the same locality.  This is a pretty basic idea that I'm sure everybody understands already.  What is of interest to me is that with these uncertain times I found myself gravitating to the huge online retailers to fulfill my purchasing needs.  It seems so easy, with a click of a button II can purchase anything I need and have it to my front door in a week or so.  No need to even leave the house!  I worry that with this trend our local economy can really take a hit.  So, we all have to make decisions about where our dollars are going.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that we should all think about trying to support our neighbors whenever possible.  Some things that I have found to be great local buys with competitive pricing and often greater quality are:
Local Montana Meats:  We found a rancher that will sell a cow to us every winter, that is processed in the Valley, and fills our freezer with enough to eat for a year. (we actually split it with 2 other families.)  Since that was such a success, we have since found people that raise lambs and pigs and we purchase them in the same fashion.
As far as veggies go, much of the year we have to eat things grown elsewhere, but in the summer you can find most anything you need at the farmers markets, purchasing a share in a CSA (look them up online, they're a weekly/monthly delivery of local produce), or your local Hutterites.
Other items that I love that are created locally: Honey, my favorite Soap, Cheese, Milk, Meat products of all kinds, Plants (indoor, outdoor, and garden), Amazing local beer, Potatoes, Backpacks, Tons of outdoor gear made here, etc.
My point is that there are more items than we think that are produced locally, whose purchase will help strengthen the local supply chain and keep our communities strong.
Just a few of the ideas that have been running around in my mind.  I'll get off my soap box for now......  :)
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