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You Can Keep Your Windows Sparkling

Do It Yourself

Your windows can stay clean longer

You hire Doctor Clean for a reason, but there's plenty you can do to keep your windows looking great between cleanings, without climbing a ladder or scrubbing for hours.  A lot of the build up and smudges on the interior of  windows happens at eye level.  Someone leaning to close when they look outside, someone accidentally touching the glass when they open a window, handprints from our favorite little people, nose prints from our favorite furry friends, grease and splatters in the kitchen, these are all ways your beautifully cleaned windows get dirty again. 

 In order to clean those smudges and oils effectively you will need to use a product that cuts through grease without streaking.  I recommend a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water at a dilution of 1:4.  This solution works great because after wiping it evaporates completely without leaving any residue or scent behind.  It is easy to make, affordable, can be used on many different types of surfaces.  You will also need the right kind of cloth with which to clean your window.  This matters a lot more than people think.  You should use a cloth that has not previously been used to clean oils, does not leave lint, and is not a paper towel.  Microfiber or cotton rags work really well.  

Spray the window with the solution and wipe with your cloth.  Move from the top down and side to side.  This motion will help you to not redistribute any grease or dirt over already clean areas and catch drips as you go.  If you see streaks, go over the area again with a clean, dry part of your cloth.  And when you're ready, contact us and we will come clean your windows for you.  

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